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    6 Brilliant Tips on to Make Nail Polish Stay on Longer 

    Well-kept manicure always makes a female more beautiful, presentable and increases the confidence as well. But keeping the nails like for this long time is a big problem for many females because they lose the good looks due to short lifespan of nail polish. However, following are simple but very effective 6 tips on how to make nail polish stay on longer time and if you will follow it you can easily get a longer life from your nail polish.

    Uses Nailpolish

    Set the nail length according to your work: Long nails are vulnerable to breakage and if you don’t care it properly, it may get damaged and can destroy the look of your nail polish as well. So, make sure you chose the nail length according to your work and if your work requires a lot of finger work, then it is suggested that you should trip your nails so you can keep the nail polish for a longer time.

    Prepare your nails before applying new pain on it: In order to get longer life from nail polish, it is essential that you prepare your nail properly before applying nail polish on it. In this preparation first remove all the traces of existing nail paint using a good quality nail polish remover. After this, buff your nails with a good quality nail buffer so you can get a smooth and clean surface for application of nail polish and then apply the nail polish on your nails.

    Always use a base coat: Whether you are going to have shades on your nails or you are using just one color on it, make sure you use a base coat before your final color. This base coat will not only allow your nail polish to stay for a longer time, but it will also avoid any kind of staining or similar problems on your nails in any situation.

    Let the coats dry: If you will paint a new coat of nail polish on semi dry nail polish coat, you won’t be able to get a longer life from it. So make sure you allow every coat to dry properly before applying any new coat on it. Also, try to limit this coating with 3 layers only because more layers may decrease the look of nails and it can easily go off as well.

    Have a good quality top layer: Top layer of your nail polish plays an important role in lifespan of your nail polish. So always use a best quality top layer and when you apply it, try to extend the application of this coat untill the edge of your nails. If some of this coating gets on your cuticles don’t worry about it you will be able to remove that on your next hand wash.

    Stay moisturized: once you have nail polish on your nails and its dried, then you should use a good quality moisturizer to moisturize your skin and nails. Also, whenever you go out keep the moisturizer with you and apply it whenever you feel like using it. It will not only keep the shine of your nails, but it will also increase the lifetime of nail polish on your nails.

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    5 Awesome Home Beauty Tricks 

    Home Beauty TricksThere are numerous awesome home beauty tricks that you can try out and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer. To start with, taking care of yourself at home is cheaper and since most of the ingredients are natural, there are less chances of anything going wrong as long as you stick to the safe ones. You can research for the best natural remedies and have a couple of friend over and share the tips you have. Here are 5 amazing beauty tips you can use to maintain a healthy beautiful you:

    1. Dead Skin Cells Removal

    Exfoliation as the dead skin removal process is known is an important procedure that can be carried out at home and have great results. It is not necessary to have an expensive body scrub that will have similar outcome while you have ample ingredients that will be useful in removing the dead skin cells that accumulate on your body. One great way to do this is through using salt. Wet your skin and buff it with a few tea spoons and rinse with clean water then apply your favorite moisturizer.

    2. Do Your Nails

    Manicure and general nail hygiene has become an expensive practice in beauty salons. Fortunately, you still can save a boat load of money at home using the tools that are readily available. Get a number of nail polishes and be creative in making different designs. You can acquire a cheap nail kit to assist you in this. You might also consider using whitening paste and an old tooth brush to remove the stains on your nails as well as polish them. Another option can be soaking the nails in lemon juice for about ten minutes.

    3. Rejuvenate Your Skin

    If you have lines or wrinkles appearing on your skin, you can use home natural remedies that will get rid of these aging signs. Whatever wrinkle cream products have can be found in natural fruits such as grapes. Cut a green Thomson seedless grape into half and squeeze it in the wrinkles area and leave the juice for about 20 minutes then rinse the area and dry it. Regularly doing this will eventually rejuvenate your skin and give you that much needed youthful look.

    4. Face Masking

    Facial masking products are not cheap, but with the right tips, you can create a home face mask that is not only effective, but also healthy for your skin. Oatmeal, honey and cream can go a long way in creating a great mask. Mix these three ingredients to make a paste. Wet your face and apply the mixture rubbing it gently. Leave it for 5 minutes and then peal it to reveal a smoother healthier skin.

    5. Create Your Own Sauna

    You can easily create your own sauna at home. You need to boil water and add eucalyptus and lemon essential oils in drops. Drape a towel on your face for about 2 minutes making sure the water has not cooled. The steam will soften your skin and open pores and give you a healthy glossy look. There are many other natural beauty remedies you can use at home; you only need to research.

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    7 Helpful Hints About How To Stay Away From Nail Breakages 

    Do you ever yearn to have those long healthy and strong nails? Nail care is very important especially if you want them to grow. This article will give you simple but effective tricks on how to prevent nail breakages. The tips provided below don’t cost much and are not time consuming as well but they really do a great job in ensuring that your nails look good all the time.

    Nails breaks1. Keep your nails painted

    Apply a coat of gel nail polish either clear or colored. By keep in your nail painted, you will help the nails to retain moisture, strengthen them and also improves their resistance. I have personally put this to test and I can tell you confidently that the trick is amazing and has really helped me retain a strong healthy and decent nails despite the fact that I actually spent most of my summer on the beach. I recommend that you keep your nail polished especially if you constantly wash, paint of scrub because it will help keep them strong.

    2. File you nails in one direction

    It might actually be one of the oldest tricks used to reduce nail breakages in the books but it is a great trick. Just give it a try, it may look awkward at first but with time you will come get used to it and you will definitely enjoy all the benefits. Filling your nails in one direction will help keep your nail strong and beautiful because it does not put a lot of stress those fragile tips nor does it force the layers to separate.

    3. Be very careful with your nails when they are wet

    Your nails are fragile when wet can easily break off if messed up with .The ultimate tip to reduce nail breakage is to try as much as possible to be careful as you can. If you notice that your nails are wet, try not to do labor intensive work that can put your nails at risk of breaking. Try as much as possible to do less labor intensive activities especially during the first one hour to give your nails enough time to dry.

    4. Use high quality cutter

    If you want to keep your nails strong and free of tear, then use a nails cutter that is sharp and wide as the nails that you are actually trying to cut. This will ensure that your nails are not left half chewed or even prone to peeling in layers. It will make you get the right shape just with a single cut and also help to avoid excessive fillings. Do not bite your nails because you will make them weaken and become brittle and that will increase the chances of breaking. Invest on one today and you will definitely see the difference right away.

    5. Give soak off a try

    Nails CareDo you know that when you try to remove gritty nail polish by rubbing your nails with a cotton pad that is soaked in polish remover can actually cause you more harm than good? This is because rough particles will scrape the nail bed thus causing tones of micro abrasion that are as painful as they sound. The best solution is to try a soak off. You can use a mild acetone – free nail polish remover and you can apply it on a cotton pad then press the pad to the nail gently and give it a few second to make it loosen the polish. Remove the polish with one sure sweep and viola and within seconds, the polish will be gone.

    6. Don’t use your nails as tools

    How many times have you used your nails to peel something off, pry something open or to tighten a loose screw? And how many times has the process resulted in considerable nail damage? Nails are not tools and should not be used as one. Just because your nails are always at hand doesn’t necessary mean that you ought to use them. Do not use your nails and instead, look for a small screwdriver or any other lightweight equipment to serve the purpose. Train yourself to use the right tools instead of sacrificing your own precious nails.

    7. Condition

    When your nails start peeling off or breaking, it shows that the nails are dry. To remedy this problem, buy or make your own home treatment for brittle nails and don’t forget to use it. Creams, nail straightening treatment and homemade ointment work perfectly when left overnight. That is why I normally apply mine right before going to bed.


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    8 Awesome Ideas To Pick The Perfect Nail Polish Color 

    Nails ColorEveryone would want to use the perfect OPI nail polish color. But how exactly would you get the right nail polish color? This is actually the biggest question! Well, do not worry because I have some tips for you. Getting the perfect nail polish color would entail a lot of research. You certainly would need to find something that would enhance your style! So go for a nail polish color that will help you achieve this by making your nails neat and attractive. Here is exactly what you need to know as far as choosing the right nail polish is concerned.

    • Your skin tone

    You presumably are wondering how on earth skin tone applies as far as the choice of nail polish is concerned. Well, you have the right to wonder but not for long. To begin with, you are aiming at making your nails attractive. If however you are not careful or rather ignorant about your skin tone, you may end up doing more harm than good. Get a color that matches well with your skin tone! For instance medium skin tones would do well with shades that are dark red, fair skins with dark colors and darker tones with any color. Any! Yes, those with darker tones have something to smile about.

    • Your Outfit

    Outfit? What does it have to do with nail polish? This is quite tricky. Whereas many women would at least want to match the nail polish with their outfit, trust me it is not much necessary. I would advise you to go with your instincts. If for instance you feel that you need not to match your outfit with your nail polish, well, go with that. Simply put, go for something that you feel comfortable in it.

    • Your makeup

    This is also another case where your instincts should guide you. Different people have varying opinions. Again I cannot advise you on the best way to go about it. But trust me you do not want to match a lot because it can appear showy. So if you find a way that would be awesome and attention-grabbing, take my advice. Go for it!

    • The biggest trends

    Do not be resistant to change, instead be well conversant with it. You do not want to stick around with the old, right? Well, I always say change is something inevitable! You need to pay close attention to the current trends and be sure to be well informed. Understand the present popular colors and bearing in mind your skin tone, try them out. Who knows? You may find a nail polish that will address everything as far as attractiveness of your nails is concerned!

    • The occasion

    What about the occasion? Perhaps that is the question you are asking yourself right now. Occasion counts much as far as nail polish is concerned. For instance, in places such as work where attention -grabbing is absolutely unnecessary, there is no need to be colorful. Be neutral instead. Before you apply nail polish, always ask yourself what the occasion is. That should actually serve to see you apply polish according to the occasion.

    On the other hand, if you are going to night-outs or dates, you can be as colorful as you want. After all what you are seeking for mostly is to grab attention. In fact I would even advise you to go for red. Trust me it works!

    • The season

    Season is also an important factor to consider when choosing the perfect nail polish. Darker colors for instance are most recommended during the winter season. Pretty pastels are most suitable for spring season. When it comes to summer, this is where hot colors become the most appropriate and for autumn, gold, bronze, russet and certain specific shades are just but superb! What is literally being implied here is that seasons counts are far as choosing the perfect nail polish is concerned.

    • Know what to avoid

    It is also important you get to understand what to avoid. For instance, if you are fair, then avoid something too dark. Similarly if your nails are square, avoid something light. However, this is mostly based on trial and error and you may have to try out before you finally settle for the perfect nail polish.

    • Your Favorite Colors

    This one kind of nullifies the others and I concur with this. No problem with this however. For instance if the color you adore most does not look good on you, you can go for it anyway. They are your nails after all! So go for what pleases you the most.

    In conclusion, choosing the right polish may seem easy but trust me it is not as such easy. No need to worry though. If you only get to understand these tips, you will be in a better position. As a piece of advice, go for what you are contended with as far as nail polish is concerned.


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